How to Pick the Right Seating for Your Living Room

Posted by Chip Auman on 吃饭总裁在体内啊

What does your living room mean to you? Is it where you enjoy coffee with friends? Is it the focal point of family dinners or holiday parties? Or is it the gathering space to watch the big game on TV? No matter what purpose your living room holds in your home, there are some tips to consider when it comes to choosing the right seating.

  1. Measure the room. Know just how much space you’re working with so you’ll know which pieces will work and which ones will not. If you need to visualize your space, draw out a floor plan. Keep in mind where people will be walking, which areas will be easy to access, and where the doors and windows are so you can move around easily.
  2. Know the dimensions of the pieces you’re interested in. A large sectional may be beautiful but it may also take up too much space in your living room.
  3. Consider multiple seating areas. A sectional is great for group gatherings, while armchairs are great for more personal conversations.
  4. Remember that durability is key. If your family is large and you have pets that stay indoors, you’ll want stain-resistant pieces, such as leather sofas with detachable cushion covers or slipcovers that are easy to clean, and anything made of a durable fabric that will hold up over the years.
  5. Let it reflect your style. The room should be a reflection of your personality and sense of style, so choose items that make you happy.

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